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Ayurvedic Research & Development (R&D) Center

KAL pays top priority to Ayurvedic research as it aids the metamorphosis of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of the present humanity. Research and Development (R & D) Center of KAL is well equipped and is engaged in various research activities spanning all the areas of Ayurvedic research. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has approved this Center. The R & D division is presently engaged in drug research, clinical research, pharmaceutical research, research in agro-techniques and fundamental research. It also has formulated, tried and launched various new formulations which are being manufactured and marketed by KAL. The department also ensures the quality of the products of KAL by keeping a close watch on each and every phase of production and by monitoring with its scrupulous criteria.

R & D wing plays a vital role in all scientific aspects of the Company regarding Production, Formulation, Standardization, Monitoring quality of Products etc, apart from the active role in agricultural field.

New products are formulated by the R & D Wing after intensive research, animal trials and Clinical trials. The drugs developed by it for specific diseases have established a good reputation among doctors and patients.

Standardization of treatment and therapies are managed by clinical R & D, in which experts in various disciplines are engaged.

KAL has a vast herbal garden at Kottai, Aluva. This serves as a conservatory and nursery of herbs. The rare and endangered species forms major part of collections. The Company cultivates rare herbs under organic farming for the manufacture of medicines at its herbal farm spread over 42 acres at Thali, in Tamil Nadu.


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