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Abhyangam with Choorna Swedam

90 minutes

Most effective for treating bodily aches and pains. This is classical massage performed by two therapists working in synchrony. A gentle massage using warm prescribed herbal oil that has been found to expel toxins, alleviate fatigue, delay aging, improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system and rejuvenate the body. In addition, a massage with a herbal bundle (poultice) containing a mixture of powdered herbs, relieves the stress and pain of sore joints and muscles. This is recommended for muscular discomfort after long travel, physical exertion and sprains.

Beneficial for

Lifestyle and Relaxation

  • Bodily rejuvenation
  • General relaxation
  • De-stressing after travel

Mental Relaxation

  • Preventing sleep disorders

Spinal & Muscular Ailments

  • Curing spondylosis
  • Relieving paralysis
  • Alleviating back pain
  • Reducing arthritis
  • Improving rheumatism


  • Smoothens complexion
  • Softens skin texture
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