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Abhyangam with Udwarthanam

90 minutes

A combination of an effective weight loss therapy, followed by moisturizing Abhyangam. This is a typical deep massage using herbal powders, which stimulates hair follicles and subcutaneous fat tissue to break down subcutaneous fat storage. This treatment reduces blood cholesterol, obesity, skin problems, imparts mobility to the joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body. The most promising effect is the slimming of the body. Coupled with the relaxing effects of Abhyangam, this therapy tones and nourishes the body as well as helps with weight loss.

Beneficial for

Beauty & Wellness

  • Slimming of entire body
  • Smoothening of complexion
  • Toning of body
  • Refreshing entire being
  • Exfoliating skin
  • Breaking down adipose tissue
  • Reducing cellulite
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