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Anti-Aging Package or Rasayana

Recommended number of sessions: 21
Time per session: 1 hour

As we age, the metabolism of the skin weakens with age and toxins clog the pores. This leads to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dryness, dullness and lack of youthful glow. Also known as the Nectar of Life, the Rasayana package is a special ayurvedic treatment plan to cure the patient from disease and promote youthful longevity. This highly curative package integrates nine therapies. It enhances collagen synthesis, brightens dull skin, regenerates damaged skin and heals deeper wounds. Moreover, it enhances skin consistency and tone, and protects against allergens and toxins. By strengthening the metabolism of the skin, the skin gets a healthy luster and looks taut and youthful.

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