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Karkataka Chikitsa
(Monsoon Treatments)

According to Ayurveda, treatments done in the Monsoon season have great importance as the monsoon affects each of the doshas in different ways. A lot of waste materials are accumulated during the summer and aggravated by the rain; this results in an excess of Vata. The Vata dosha causes several diseases and can aggravate many conditions. Moreover, the rain falling into the hot summer earth increases acidity in all food materials and vegetables. This aggravates the Pitta dosha, causing fevers, acidity, digestive problems as well as inflammations. Lastly, the contaminated water and food with cold climate aggravates Kapha dosha in turn causing cold, cough and allergy and skin diseases.

To realign these accumulated doshas during the monsoon and to maintain a healthy constitution, Kerala Ayurveda has designed Karkataka Chikitsa to have clinical, mental and physical benefits. This monsoon treatment includes a complex combination of various Ayurvedic therapies. During this treatment, Abhyangam, the relaxing synchronized oil massage is used, as is the application of medicated powder and herbal bolus. In addition Vasthis are administered to remove the waste from the body. In doing so, the excess of each dosha is purged from the body.

Karkataka Chikitsa is particularly effective in the prevention of diseases and in increasing energy levels, reinvigorating the body and extending the longevity of life. Moreover, it also prevents many another ailments such as arthritis, Spondylitis, back pain, insomnia, muscular pain, stress, and depression



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