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The use of Panchkarma therapies puts a lot of strain on the body and the digestive fire becomes weak. Paschatkarma is the set of therapies used to regain the vigor and vitality of the body. It is an important, nutritive treatment that is administered over a period of time. It has several therapeutic processes, which include:

The 5 therapies of Panchkarma:-

  • Samsarjan karma: A special diet and lifestyle prescribed for two weeks. In this therapy the digestive power and strength of the person is restored by starting a customized diet, starting light and moving towards a heavy diet.
  • Shamana: This treatment is given for the main condition for which the Panchkarma was undertaken.

  • Rasayan: It is a special tonification therapy where special herbs tone the various systems of the body.

Ayurveda recommends that everyone needs the Panchkarma followed by Paschatkarma. Ideally, it should be done three times a year, at the turn of spring, fall and winter. Today’s hectic life may not permit us such a luxury but one should try getting one week of these therapies once a year to keep in good health year after year.


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